Great Moments in Horse Racing

Great Moments in Horse Racing - Red Rum
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The Sport of Kings has many a strange twist

Over the years, the sport of Horse Racing has thrown up some spectacular races. From photo finishes through to last fence fallers and flat out refusals, each race has the potential to linger long in the memory.

We take a look at some of the more famous (and sometimes unusual) events that have taken part on UK race courses throughout history.

Red Rum - Triple Grand National Winner

A feat never bettered, Red Rum won the Grand National in 1973, 1974 and 1977. He also came second in the two years that he didnt win.

Here we pay tribute to possibly the greatest horse to ever run – click on the button to watch all three of his Grand national Wins.

Mon Mone - The Grand National Outsider

When the nations Bookmakers give you odds of 100-1 in the Grand National its pretty clear that they dont think you have a chance.

However, Mon Mone, under Liam Tredwell was determined to prove everyone wrong and landed the victory – making Mon Mone the first 100-1 shot to win the Grand National since 1967.

Devon Loch - The Unsolved Mystery

When you’re on the final run to home and a full five lengths ahead, what happened to Devon Loch?

Appearing to try and jump a phantom fence, the horse literally belly flopped onto the turf in front of the Royal Box. The gleding was overtaken in one of the biggest mysteries ever to happen in the world of Horse Racing