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Reality Punting is a service that provides profitable NBA and WNBA bets via email and the Reality Punting web app. All bets are sourced from a custom algorithm to give the best probability of winning. The Reality Punting algorithm is used to calculate 16,000 NBA games. All calculations, results, and odds are available to view in the app. The Available Bets column gives suggested bets daily along with odds to take and suggested unit size. The app calculated scores instantly, so you can focus more on getting the best odds available to bet with. Automation is critical for saving time in handicapping. Knowing when to bet is critical for Basketball betting, and being ready to bet when an opportunity comes is important. You can use the Reality Punting web app at

The Reality Punting email service is a unique service that sends available bets at your selected time slot. This means if you prefer to place your bets at 3.30pm London time, you will receive all availabl…